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Proaim 10' Wave Plus Telescopic Jib Arm

Supporting Cameras weighing upto 25kg / 55lbs

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US $590

The PROAIM 10' Wave Plus Telescopic Jib Arm is a portable camera crane that allows you to smoothly boom & move your camera up and down in an infinite number of 360 degree angles. The unique tilting system of camera jib further enhances your shooting capabilities. The complete telescopic video jib is designed to extend your reach and offers great performance without any hassle. Our tool less jib enables fast set-up & makes it easy for one man to operate. The Jib Crane weighs only 18kg, and enables fluid movements for cameras up to 25kg/55lbs. The robust jib uses standard barbell weights for counterbalance (not included). Exclusively designed to fit in tight spaces or be raised up for taller ceilings, getting you amazing overhead shots.

CAMERA HEAD MOUNT: CNC constructed rock solid head is designed to hold your camera securely. It is compatible with 100mm Bowl Head and features a leveller to indicate accurate balancing.

LEVELLER: Built in U-Fork Bubble leveller offers fast and accurate balancing and panning knobs ensures quick adjustments in rotation.

ASSEMBLY HUB: It provides the perfect drag for smooth panning of the arm. It swivels further absorbing unwanted vibration or movement from the operator and keeps controls in a comfortable position in any jib attitude.


>  CONVERTIBLE TELESCOPIC 10FT JIB ARM extends & retracts towards front and rear of jib and can be used in 3 shooting lengths i.e 10ft, 9ft and 6ft
>  TOOL LESS CNC CONSTRUCTED Video Jib, gets quickly assembled by one person in just 5 minutes.
>  LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE and DURABLE Camera Crane fits in one rolling case.
>  ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Jib Crane with high quality and super smart features.

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>  Tripod mount of 100mm diameter
>  Robust Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction
>  At Max Height Length of Jib Arm - 10ft
>  Pan Radius of 360 Degrees
>  Maximum load capacity 25kg/55lbs
>  Minimum load capacity 15kg/33lbs

>  PROAIM 10' Wave Plus Telescopic Jib Arm (P-WV-PL)


Rock solid construction! Extremely easy to assemble. Great features, Best in the market.
By Mr. Peter, Brazil

Best jib for my shoots I ever purchased! Strong well- built & outstanding customer service.
By Mr. Otto, Cambodia

High quality for the price! Shoot excellent footage. Highly recommended.
By Mr. John, Romania

Great to have something like this. Worth every penny !
By Mr. Ryan, Algeria

Very functional, provides smooth footprints. My shipment arrived quickly, Best customer service!!!
By Mr. Wiley, Egypt